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The holy trinity of running...

Updated: May 7, 2019

When I run, I run with three things. 1. my body. 2. my mind and 3. my heart! Being a runner (at least for me) means to know how to balance and sometimes manage these three. During a run one or the other can be more prominent. When my body aches, it’s mind telling me, that this is what I’ve trained for and that it will be ok. When my mind wants to give up, it’s my body who is strong or my heart who has the believe in going on. And if I start loosing faith in myself, my mind kicks in and reasons me over the finish line.


The hardest moment in running for me is, when my heart and mind want to go, but my body just can’t. I have been at that point way too often and unfortunately followed the two into injury. I know that my mind is strong and that my heart will always find a way to carry on - and I am very thankful for that. But I have to learn, that I can’t always let my mind and heart talk over my body. It might not have a very loud voice but I should know now that when it speaks up, it really has a point. 

Last weekend, my friend Charlie had to finish the Swiss City Marathon after the first half. And I can completely understood, that was not happy about that. But having met her as a very strong willed and passionate person, I am really impressed and inspired about her decision. She did listen to her body despite knowing that many eyes (on- and offline) were watching her. She realised, that one race

is not worth ruining her health. She managed to balance the holy trinity of running and didn't let her mind and hear overpower the voice of her body. RESPECT!